Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DAY 17: Wednesday, September 30th


  1. Complete a sprint session! Do about 5min of a light warm-up such as jumping jacks, high knees, or jog. Then, decide on a number of sets to complete. For example, you could complete 5-8 sets of 10-30 seconds of sprinting with a recovery in between {rest for about 60 seconds or until your breathing is back to normal} doing any cardio activity: running, rowing, bicycling, stationary bike, etc. GO ALL OUT:)
Meal/Snack Ideas:

Breakfast- apple, leek and bacon breakfast sausage

(pic and recipe from
Find the recipe HERE! Enjoy:) 

Lunch- tuna salad
Mix together: one hard boiled egg, 1/2 avocado, and a can of tuna.

Dinner- cauliflower tortilla tacos
(pic and recipe from recipe
Go HERE for the cauliflower tortilla recipe and then add choice of meat and toppings to make them into tacos!

Snacks- try some primal beef jerky from a co-op/health foods store or make your own using a food dehydrator.

Jot down some notes!
-how you increased your daily movement
-sprint workout
-relaxation techniques tried
-energy level {POOR, AVERAGE, GREAT}
-satisfaction level with meals
-hunger level between meals