Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why you should NOT let yourself go

Hey primals!
I have missed being on the blog. For the past month I have been busy with visiting family and friends, vice versa, and other festivities! Recently, my brothers came to visit. We explored New England, celebrated a belated birthday, and showed them the best treats in the area {which are NOT primal}! 
Last week I volunteered as a camp nurse at my church's Girl's Camp {which is why I missed the Fit Friday!} and it was a blast! The conclusion of all this rambling {besides my absence} is a point I want to make:

Do NOT let yourself go!

With all the birthday bashes, New England exploring with family, Girl's Camp, and road trips I let myself go with my primal habits. I started with foraging and then let myself have a treat every once in a while which turned into a more often occurrence even while eating primal during meals.

My results: I feel sick. I am bloated {I look 3 months pregnant!}. I am no longer regular {TMI?}. I constantly have headaches. I have zero energy. I feel like I am in a mental fog. I am sleepy. I do not think clearly. I have difficulty focusing. I have a difficult time working out. I have gained some unwanted inches on areas of my body.

Pardon my bluntness, but...


Did you know that when you have sugars it affects AND effects your body for 2 whole weeks?!

It is not worth it, folks. I do not feel we should be strict with ourselves and stress over the littlest thing, but...

Do NOT let yourself go. 
Your WILL be miserable.

P.S. My little project is taking longer than I thought and is turning into a bigger project than planned, so please be patient :)