Friday, August 30, 2013

Fit Friday

Hey Primalites!
Do you remember my favorite olympic lift?

I'll give you a hint...

Okay, that is probably hard to read... My favorite lift is the hang power clean!
Here is a video to jog the memory:

Do you remember this video? Miranda Oldroyd is amazing :)

Miranda points out the difference between a power clean and a squat clean: there is a slight squat in the power clean and a full squat in the squat clean.
She also points out to use a hook grip {remember, when you are pulling the weight to use a hook grip by wrapping your fingers OVER your thumbs on the bar}.

So, let's review: Feet shoulder width apart. Hands are slightly past shoulder width on bar. Hook grip. Deadlift {back flat, butt out, head forward, bar close to legs and using legs pull the bar up along legs} to above the knees-this is the hang position. Keep back flat. Head neutral and looking forward. Knees bent in that slight squat. In a fast movement, slightly jump and shrug shoulders. Now as that bar is moving up, get under the bar with the slight squat and ensure bar gets to the shoulders and then stand up while keeping elbows high. If you let your elbows down, that bar is most likely going to go down or pull you forward.

Here is the WOD we did today:

500 meter row


Hang Power Clean (95# for men/65# for women)
Hand Release Push-ups

500 meter row

Here was my finishing numbers for the last 500m row.

Also, if you haven't heard or done a hand release push-up, this is done by going down into a push-up until your body touches the floor, then lift your hands up off the ground, put them back to the ground and push back up.

Don't forget to eat primal!
Here are my recent breakfasts': frittatas and eggs with avocado {and, of course, bacon on the side!}

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!