Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Week

Valentine's Week in Review:

1. I made my Tandoor Carrot recipe again and made sure to have leftovers! See recipe here. And this time I had a lot of large carrots, so I cut them up smaller/thinner. It worked out nicely:)

 2. I found a cool mobile home for my husband and I to live in. HA! There are so many places I'd love to see, so what if I just turned this into a primal food truck in order to finance our travels while traveling?! Pretty good idea, huh? HUH?!

 3. We gave mostly healthy treats to each other on V-day (thank you Whole Foods) and other little presents. PLUS we scored a very nice, very cheap HP wireless printer from one of the closing RadioShack stores!

4. I got to wear my miaearrings necklace that I picked out and ordered for my husband to give to me on V-day...hahaha! It displays our tiny initials. So darling :)

5. I woke up to see I got a baby parsley sprout! Come on basil and chives...

6. Then I topped off the week by making one of my favorite soups! Tomato Basil. Recipe here.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day and showed some love to those around you!