Saturday, February 7, 2015

2 0 1 5

2 0 1 5

Is it too late to be writing about the new year, resolutions, and goals? Because that's all I have been thinking about these past couple of months... 

I came to the conclusion that it is more important to be happy and to spend time doing what you love rather than spending time doing those things that do not necessarily make you happy, even if that means sacrifice! I believe that if you are happy... then your family is happy, those around you are happy and you will be more successful!

I have been away from this blog for too long because I have been focused on things that do not necessarily make me happy. In turn this has made me exhausted, stressed out, emotional, and it has affected my family in a negative way. 

On New Year's Eve, I was talking to my sister-in-law with tears in my eyes about my unhappiness. She gave me insight and encouragement to change my course into the direction of my passions. 
Right before the ball dropped, I was overcome with happiness and a determination to do what makes me happy and to make things happen in 2015!

One of my ultimate passions is teaching others how to transform their bodies by eating and living primally. I find myself talking to complete strangers all the time about this way of life and I know when they leave our conversation excited to try this lifestyle it is because my countenance radiates my passion!

I love to teach, I love to help others, I love to make others happy, and I love to see transformations.

I hope to bring all of this to my blog more frequently by spending time doing what I LOVE because I deserve it and so do YOU :) and to reach more of you out there that are ready to transform your life.

Let's hear it for a HAPPY new year and to make things happen in 2015!