Saturday, November 9, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set...

TWO days until the Primal 21 Day Challenge starts! Which means we have some items of business:

(1) Take your before picture(s). Take a full body shot and of an area you hope to see changes in. For me, it was my medication/grain induced acne cheeks...

I still am in awe when I see these pictures and with continuing a {majority-of-the-time} primal lifestyle, my skin is even better!

I also had previously started using Cecilia Wong Skincare products months before which are 100% natural and hand-crafted. I LOVE these products!


(2) Have you thrown out the processed foods, grains, sugar and other unhealthy choices in your fridge/pantry? Get them out and start FRESH without temptations lying around for the next 21 days.

(3) GO SHOPPING! I love when I hear those words;) but really, go shopping to find the best primal produce and animal meat selections possible. Need more tips or have questions? Leave a comment:)