Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sunday - Day 21

Congratulations for completing the challenge!!!
Day 21 Agenda:
  1. Intermittent fast. When you wake up do not eat for as long as possible until you are very hungry. If you have been faithful to this challenge, you will be able to fast longer than your first time or, at the least, longer than before the challenge.
  2. Take your after picture to compare with your before picture. If you see a difference {and are willing!}, please send me your pictures:) If you are even more willing and would like to share your experience, please contact me and I will post your story and/or picture to my blog! Remember my results from last year???                     May 2013
  3. Also, don't forget to document and compare your earlier notes from the challenge. It's incredible to see the difference!
-total hours fasted
-how you increased your daily movement
-relaxation techniques tried
-energy level {POOR, AVERAGE, GREAT}
-satisfaction level with meals
-hunger level between meals

My results from this current challenge:
  • flat stomach/no bloating
  • lost inches around my waist, knees and thighs
  • clearer skin
{Ignore the rose thorn on my forehead:) I was reminiscing a childhood game!}
  • alert mind/focused
  • no stomach pains or constipation
  • lastly, I had noticed pains in my kidney area before the challenge which was worrying me...they are now GONE
Now go celebrate Day 21 by preparing your favorite primal dinner!
Here was BY FAR my favorite meal...

I will post Mark's 80/20 concept tomorrow, so stay tuned on how to continue this lifestyle.

Again, congratulations and thank you for taking this challenge. I hope you feel an increased feeling of health, strength and a sense of control! If you had a wonderful experience, please refer your family/friends to and have them take my next challenge:)