Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Welcome to the Primal 21-Day Challenge starting Monday, November 2nd... 

Hello! My name is Briana and I am a Registered Nurse. My passion for nutrition began over three years ago when my husband told me about an interesting podcast he had heard about the primal/paleo lifestyle (this was the podcast I posted yesterday, so if you missed it, I encourage you to go back one post and listen to it). I then did my own research, tried the lifestyle, and have not looked back since! It has completely changed my life for the better and what amazes me about this lifestyle is that it is so easy! The primal lifestyle is not another rebound diet where you lose weight at first and then gain it back later or where it's so restricting that you are starving and crave more than usual. No, THIS is a diet with NO pain, NO suffering and minimal effort. I'm here to get you through the first 21 days so that this becomes a habit. I promise that if you adhere to my challenge 100%, you will look and feel better than ever before! You will be on your way to a long, healthy life :) 

Q: Briana, why are you doing this challenge for others?
A: When I completed Mark Sisson's 21 day challenge, I saw incredible results and my life was completely altered (read my personal journey HERE)! Since then, I have become passionate about helping others change their lives because I know what works! I know this through my own experience, the experiences of others and through research. Everyone is uniquely beautiful and I want everyone to FEEL this from the inside-out :) 

Q: What makes your 21 day challenge different from Mark Sisson's?
A: What makes my challenge different is that I post daily recipes and meal plans. When I did the 21 day challenge a few years ago, I wanted some hand holding. Okay, I really just wanted to be told what to do! This blog will give you day-by-day hand holding by including meal plans, workouts, and other daily 'to do's'. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to be put in a drawing at the end of the challenge to win a goodie box of some of my favorite essentials that help me stay healthy from the inside-out! Our last challenge winner was JULIA and here is what she received in the mail...

Q: So, what am I going to eat?
A: You are going to eat a lot of vegetables and protein, some fruits, nuts, seeds, nut butters, healthy fats and oils, herbs, spices, extracts, supplements and a few sensible indulgences (dark chocolate, red wine). I thought probably the same thing you are thinking now, "okay, but what am I going to eat then?" I assure you that everyone that has completed my challenge has been satisfied and happy with their primal meals! Oh, and so am I ;) Just trust this process and remember I am going to hold your hand and help you with meals!
(From Mark Sisson's 'Primal Blueprint')

A closer look at the primal food pyramid...

Our challenge starts on November 2nd and we will focus on EATING PRIMALLY for the full 21 days, MOVING a lot, SLEEPING well, getting SUNshine, and doing a few WORKOUTS each week (these are short workouts that can be modified if needed). More info will be provided on each of these aspects, but the biggest aspect is eating primally. It does matter what we put in our bodies! Our body composition comes from about 80% of what we eat, so let's train our bodies to be FAT burners instead of CARB burners by eating primally :)

Tomorrow I will put up a 'TO DO LIST' post, but if you are still interested, please email me at beprimalblog@gmail.com!