Saturday, October 31, 2015


So, is everyone about ready for MONDAY?! I am thrilled for all of my November participants to try this lifestyle and can't wait to hear about the results!

I have thought a lot about how to make this challenge easier for my folks and had decided to send out weekly shopping lists for the meals/recipes I post for the week. Of course, you don't have to go by my meal guide and can eat whatever as long as it is primal approved, but if you do use my guide then please just buy in quantities according to household or according to how many people will be eating primally with you. Again, it would be best to do it together as you will save money! I really do find that I save money when my husband and I eat/buy primally. We don't usually go to fancy grocery stores, but just our regular grocery stores or wholesale clubs and look for the best of the best products AND deals:)

Those of you participating, I am sending you an email now with this week's Monday-Friday grocery list.

Remember, you CAN do this and I am available to you whenever you need me. Please email me for any questions, concerns, or support! I want to make this an easy transition for all of you.