Monday, July 22, 2013

Primal Project

I have a project underway and I am anxious to share the results with you in a matter of weeks!
Patience for now...

In the meantime, I will soon have the pleasure of sharing a success story of a very close friend {like, sister close;)} who completed the 21 day challenge.

Meet my gorgeous sister {before the challenge}!

Like the rest of my family, I excitedly told my sister about the Primal/Paleo lifestyle and how life changing this knowledge and application is. Later, this lovely sister of mine completed the 21 day challenge soon after I had and told me she could never go back to the way she ate/lived before the challenge {this is a very common phrase among the Primal/Paleo folk!}

Although we are sisters, we have struggled with our own mild health issues, thus having some different results along with many similar results. 

I am excited to share very shortly!

ALL of my two sisters;) and I at my wedding {pre-challenge}.