Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Today I went to Crossfit and wanted to share a fun little Crossfit WOD {Workout Of the Day} that was mingled in with our WOD today! It's called "Cindy". Try this at home. No equipment required. Okay, maybe a pull-up bar, but you could modify the pull-ups by doing chair dips instead. Although nowhere near the full body experience. But do what you've got to do!

If you cannot do a pull-up well, just try it! Eventually you will get it :) Other ways to modify the pull-ups are (1) jumping pull-ups {this is what I started out with for WOD's} and (2) kipping pull-ups using a rubber band or without a rubber band {I now no longer need a rubber band!}.

Here is a great video showing the two modified pull-ups:

I love what he says at the end about a "real world situation"when discussing why we have the back of our hands face us rather than our palms when performing pull-ups. This is a functional movement, folks!


AMRAP {As Many Repetitions As Possible} in 20 min

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats

*To modify push-ups, use your knees instead of feet. Remember to keep hands out and close to your sides rather than aligned with your shoulders.

Here is what our WOD consisted of today in honor of Coach Jay E's Birthday from Crossfit Inguz:

AMRAP in 20 min

1 hang clean {135/95#}
1 round of "cindy"
2 hang cleans
1 round of "cindy"
3 hang cleans
1 round of "cindy"
and so on and son on....

I love the clean! We can discuss the clean and hang clean in detail this coming Fit Friday.

I was able to complete exactly 9 reps of the hang cleans and rounds of "Cindy" with my specified bar weight and doing kipping pull-ups. But with the humidity....

My callouses ripped.

Be sure to chalk up or do this in your air-conditioned house ;)