Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Science

I want to quickly explain the science behind this primal, paleo, cave-man-eating kind of lifestyle...

When we eat complex carbs, sugar, grains or anything else that will turn into sugar in our bodies...

It causes our blood sugar to rise which then causes a release of insulin from the pancreas. Then the blood sugar drops from the insulin release and we start to feel tired, cranky, hungry and then crave MORE sugary foods. So, what do we do? We eat more carbs.

Sound familiar?

This excess amount of carbs and insulin creates an excess of calories in our bodies which then gets stored as fat, no matter what we eat.

This continuous cycle goes against what our bodies are suppose to do which is to store and burn fat for energy. 
It's all about becoming like our ancestors and reprogramming our bodies to be FAT burners, not SUGAR burners. We aren't like cars. We want to sustain our energy and feel good ALL the time, right?!