Monday, January 4, 2016


The year 2015 was a tough year for me.
But, as I review it closer, it was also a wonderful year.
About a year ago I wrote a post on here about doing what makes you happy and, at that time, I was pretty unhappy.
{You can find that post HERE}
But, I went into 2015 with a determination to change that.
And I did.
First, I switched jobs.
Then, I was able to be home more.
Consequently, I was able to spend more time helping people change their lives through this blog.

Here are just a few pictures of the physical proof:

Seeing these results and helping people make positive changes made me HAPPY.
I mean truly, deeply HAPPY...
And everyone that I heard from who committed to my 21-day challenge DID see life changing benefits and were in return HAPPY.

As 2015 continued, I met incredible people who inspired me to continue doing what I am doing.
I'm not going to lie, working a full-time job and doing these challenges on the side is a lot of work. But, seeing these above results, the joy in my participants and the happiness that I feel makes it SO worth it.

Please join my next challenge Monday, January 11th.
I promise that if you adhere to this 21 day challenge you will change your life into a healthier one and a happier one!

If you would like to join or are thinking of joining, please email me at
If you would like to learn more about my 21 day challenges, please read HERE.