Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Round 2: Day 3

Day 3:
Tomorrow is Day 3!

I hope Day 2 was more successful with being more creative in your primal meals/snacks, increasing daily movement, and relaxing before bed.

A friend of mine, who did the last challenge, downloaded primal recipe e-books to her tablet which got her excited about trying new primal meals! I want to challenge everyone to try new primal approved meals this week, so that on Day 7  you can make your favorite new recipe for your family and/or friends to share. This might also be a great opportunity to share what you are doing with your family/friends and get them excited about health, healing, and FOOD!

Besides trying new recipes, on Day 3 please focus on making and preparing all your primal meals from home. This will take planning (maybe even days of planning), but it will help you avoid the temptation of running to a local burger chain restaurant to satisfy hunger. From Day 3 forward, plan and prepare meals from home.

Also on Day 3, GO OUTSIDE! Grab some sunshine and soak in Vitamin D. If there happens to be no sun on Day 3, check the forecast and plan a sunny day to enjoy outside. To be primal is to get an appropriate amount of sunlight. Yes, tan=healthy! This will be explained below in 'Let's Talk'.

Lastly, do a favorite aerobic exercise about 50-70% of your maximum heart rate. To determine your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. So, if you are 30 years old your heart rate will be 220 - 30 = 190 beats per minute. Do this aerobic exercise no longer than 60 minutes and, importantly, what is most comfortable for YOU! So, if you're used to walking for 30 minutes, then do your exercise for 30 minutes.

Meal/Snack Ideas: {These are only suggestions and recipes for your guidance, so no need to eat exactly what's written! Eat as much as you want and when ever you want always following the primal food pyramid.}

Breakfast- french omelette with chives {I just ate this tonight!}

French Omelette
  • 4 eggs
  • 1T fresh chives, diced thinly
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1T olive oil
Heat olive oil in pan on # 3 stove setting or low-medium heat. Ensure olive oil gets up the sides of pan. Beat eggs vigorously with all ingredients until batter has a smooth consistency. Pour in heated pan. Take spatula and gently scrape the middle of omelette from side to side in a plus sign design every few minutes. This will make little clumps throughout the omelette. Continue until omelette is still wet on top with many chunks and swirls of eggs and sides are easy to lift from pan. Loosen sides of omelette and fold in half. Cook for another minute and then serve on plate. Sprinkle more salt and pepper if desired.

Lunch- throw that delicious leftover salmon atop your green salad with seasonings; slice large chunks of eggplant and top with tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes, seasonings, sprinkled with a hard fermented cheese and then bake!

Dinner- make pulled pork in your crockpot and serve with your favorite vegetables (pulled pork meat can be used for many other meals!)

Snacks- create a new smoothie using coconut milk, almond milk or water; find a primal coconut drink with pulp (check those ingredients to stay away from sugar and other chemicals!)

{I also just had this above drink tonight:) My husband knows me well.}

-where you shopped for primal foods
-how you increased your daily movement
-aerobic exercise and minutes completed
-new primal meal recipe tried
-relaxation techniques tried
-energy level {POOR, AVERAGE, GREAT}
-satisfaction level with meals
-hunger level between meals

Let's Talk:

Today I was just talking about sunlight being important in our health. The sun helps us absorb Vitamin D which is great for cellular function. We can do all we can to get enough Vitamin D from our diet, but it still will not be sufficient. This is why being in the sun is important! I'm not telling you to go outside to fry yourself like a chicken, I am telling you it is healthy to get an adequate amount of sunlight to large areas of your body. Once you feel you've had enough sun, such as a slight change in color (NOT red), then go get in some shade! Stay away from harmful chemicals that come in tanning lotions and sunscreens. Just get an adequate amount of sun and then get out of it for a while. Sunlight will also boost your mood and energy. Having tan is also a protector for you. It also is said that by not enough sunlight you can actually develop cancers! I just spoke to another nurse today who said her mother developed melanoma, so the doctor told her to stay out of the sun completely. This led to poor lab results and multiple cancers. You bet your body needs that Vitamin D!
So do your body and your spirit a favor by getting OUT of the house, office, or wherever you find yourself most to enjoy the sun. Then, when you return, you will be happier and healthier!