Friday, December 6, 2013

Round 2: Day 6

Day 6:

What did you do for Day 5's PLAY day? Leave a comment below!

Here is tomorrow's challenge:

(1) Try a new aerobic exercise. If you find yourself at the gym for most of the time then get out and try something new! Go bike riding, try rock climbing, play tennis, {or if it is freezing outside...} jump on a rowing machine or whatever else it is you would like to try.

(2) Forage. Go out to dinner with your significant other, best friend, or entire family to a nice restaurant and eat primally. You might need to substitute a side dish of buttery mashed potatoes for steamed vegetables or ask for olive oil and lemon for salad dressing or ask to hold the non-primal sauce on your steak.

Meal/Snack & DESSERT Ideas:

Breakfast- shredded sweet potatoes with eggs atop and fried in a pan.

Lunch- asparagus wrapped in bacon and baked.

Dinner- pan cooked tilapia with seasonings in a pan using olive oil or coconut oil.

Snacks- pickles; deviled eggs; cucumber salad.

DESSERT- baked pears...simply delicious!
Baked Pears
  • 4 small pears
  • 1c hard apple cider
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1t cloves
Set oven to 400 degrees. Slice bottom of pears so they stand upright. Pour hard cider in a medium sized casserole dish. Add pears standing upright. Place cinnamon sticks and cloves in the cider and around the pears. Bake for 1 hour or until pears are tender and skin comes off easily. Let cool and enjoy!


-how you increased your daily movement
-new aerobic exercise
-forage experience
-relaxation techniques tried
-energy level {POOR, AVERAGE, GREAT}
-satisfaction level with meals
-hunger level between meals

Let's Talk:

If you're itching for something sweet {especially around the holidays}then have a little indulgence, such as 75% dark chocolate, red wine {if you drink!}, or a primal dessert. But I want to make a point that we are not recreating unhealthy foods by making them primal. We are being primal by eating protein, veggies, and fruits/nuts/dairy in moderation.