Friday, September 5, 2014

Do you want to become a fat burning body?

How did you enjoy the podcast? If you did not listen to it, please listen to it here. But, if I could sum it all up for you it would be this: you can change from a sugar burning body to a fat burning body!

I love this excerpt from Mark Sisson's 'Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation' book explaining this, "Even if some - or most - of your diet has been in the form of "complex" carbs, this excessive and unnecessary intake of carbs has reprogrammed your genes from an early age to make you more dependent on a regular supply of dietary carbohydrate. You are a "sugar burner" if you are trapped in this carbohydrate dependency. If you're like most people, this high intake of carbs over time has elevated your insulin levels throughout the day, and resulted in excess calories (from all foods, not just carbs) to be stored as body fat. Over the years, chronically high levels of glucose and insulin in your blood have altered your fat cells so that you can't easily burn this plentiful source of stored energy. If your body is accustomed to burning carbs as fuel instead of stored fat, your brain will crave your usual fuel source - carbs - more often. This leads to a vicious cycle of insidious weight gain over a lifetime, even if you exercise frequently."