Sunday, September 21, 2014

Monday - Day 15

Day 15 Agenda:

1. Let's kick off our third and LAST week of the 21 day challenge by another FORAGE

You could do a real primitive forage and go out into your surroundings to find mushrooms, apples, berries {depending on the season}, etc. Last year my husband and I went out early spring to pick fiddleheads {baby fern}. It was fun to get outside and hike around and try something new!
You could also forage by finding a new shopping market with ingredients to make primal foods or even go out to a different restaurant to eat a primal meal. Remember, politely ask for substitutions as deemed necessary to create a primal meal:)

2. Lastly, perform a moderate aerobic exercise of your choice, 30-60 minutes long and 50-70% of your maximum heart rate.

Meal/Snack Ideas:
Breakfast: eggs benedict.

Lunch- ceviche.

Dinner- coconut curry with beef.

-how you increased your daily movement
-moderate aerobic exercise
-relaxation techniques tried
-energy level {POOR, AVERAGE, GREAT}
-satisfaction level with meals
-hunger level between meals