Monday, September 1, 2014

Mark your calendars...

For Monday September 8th, 2014!

As another school year starts and as we get our families back into routines, I thought it would be essential to start another 21 day challenge, so we can ensure healthy, strong bodies for another busy year.

So, finish off the rest of your families supply of non-primal foods this week:
•processed foods: cookies/crackers/etc.
•grains: breads/pastas/rice/oatmeal
And get ready to buy your PRIMAL foods!

Lastly, take out a notebook, calendar, or buy a small notebook to jot down:
•how you have been feeling lately (Tired? Depressed? Out of shape? Lack of muscle? Overweight?)
•snap a picture of yourself and put it in your notebook or store it (full body/side profile/close up of face if any skin issues/etc)
•write down your current weight and clothe sizes

Stay tuned for more information on the challenge and what to do next!