Thursday, September 4, 2014

How this challenge works...

The Primal 21 Day Challenge 
{Monday Sept 8th, 2014}

Just FOUR days until the challenge starts, folks! So, have you cleaned out your fridge and cupboards of non-primal foods? This includes: processed foods, sugars, grains.
Have you listened to the podcast posted yesterday on the blog? I highly recommend listening to it before starting:)

How the program works:

1) Take a before and after picture of your body and/or specific problem areas. Have you seen mine? 

The scars are now gone and I can go without makeup without being embarrassed.

This was shortly after without foundation:

What about my beautiful sister's transformation?
You can read my story HERE and my sister's story HERE  and Cecilia Wong's story  HERE.

2) Go shopping for primal approved food.
3) The day before the challenge starts, ensure your kitchen is clear of non-primal foods. I would recommend the entire family engage in this lifestyle for your support, but for those of you with children and/or spouses who will not participate, I suggest keeping their food separate and away from your reach or temptation.
4) I will post the following days agenda daily, so check the blog everyday to see what the challenge is for the next day!
5) I will post workouts, recipes, and outside resources to help you along the way and to increase your knowledge. 
6) Comments are encouraged for the purpose of asking questions, expressing accomplishments and difficulties.